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Westridge Offices Phase One is the begining of a major addition to the prestigious La Cantera development in San Antonio. The office of J. Robert Anderson is designing the landscape setting for the building complex by Patrinely Group in conjunction with USAA Realco. This is J.Robert Anderson’s fourth major project at La Cantera and will continue the landscape emphasis and vocabulary, with the unique blend of the hill country aesthetic within the outdoor spaces.


As part of the Phase One design, the auto court creates a dramatic entrance to the building, and links the Phase One building to the future Phase Two building. Outdoor seating areas and preserved live oaks, yucca, sotol and persimmon blend with new colorful perennials and native grasses.


Stone accents in the auto court and outdoor spaces define a clear direction for visitors and associates, and creates a visual link back to hill country materials.

Location: San Antonio, Texas


West Ridge La Cantera

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