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The philosophy of J. Robert Anderson, FASLA, is one that stresses protecting and restoring natural settings by integrating environmental concerns with human use and activity. By observing the physical processes of nature, the team members capture the character of the region in their designs. They seek to work with the elements of nature in an effort to reveal the character of a site – its ecology, aesthetic spirit and human use.


In the years to come, growth in Texas will continue in urban settings and along established, high-traffic corridors. Intense pressure will be put on the infrastructure to bear the burden of this growth. In order to soften these effects, the firm of J. Robert Anderson will maintain the urban forest, advocate for low-water use plants, work to redevelop inner city sites, and preserve the native landscape surrounding and within the city in each project that is undertaken.

The award-winning design work of J. Robert Anderson has received national attention based on his commitment to embrace a broad palette of planning and design, including site preservation, water conservation, and the selection of native plants and regional materials that respond to the rugged Texas Hill Country. This is evident in landscape features such as walks, walls, stone terraces, and, most prominently, water features.



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